Who We Are

UNNAL MUDIUM ENTREPRENEURS PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated on November 19th 2013 with its headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


To Teach Entrepreneurship and To Create Entrepreneurs.


To create successful Entrepreneurs in INDIA.

To create INDIA as successful Entrepreneur's Nation.

To create INDIA as the No.1 Entrepreneurs nation in the world.


We at Unnal Mudium Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd. have set our primary objective as promoting the concept of Entrepreneurship amongst the youth of the nation through a practice oriented, self-learning product which will help not only teaching the willing associates about Entrepreneurship, but also help making them a strong willed Entrepreneur, capable of working for the betterment of the nation as a whole. We strongly believe in creating 'Vision with Values'. Hence we have made sure that the concepts presented in our system are entirely based on the rich value system of our Nation.

We have also devised a plan which will help the participating associates not only to learn but also to practice and hone their skills by implementing it in a relatively safe environment. We would also like to play a major role in achieving the Vision of making INDIA, a developed nation by tapping into the extraordinary but the least explored resource of the nation, i.e., the power of the Indian Youth.